The Soul Mentor

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Mind. Body. Spirit.

TEL/TEXT/WHATSAPP/VIBER: +44 07492 367895
Skype: Freemaninternational9

Located Inside Gregory Roe Hairdressers

8 - 10 Mill Street




Heal Anxiety, Depression & Grief

Specialist in PTDS, Women's & Teenage Mental Health and Grief Counselling 

Heal Addictions

Substance Abuse, Sex & Gambling Addiction and Addictive Behaviors 

Lose Weight, Get Fit 

Permanent Weight Loss Through Hypnosis plus Personal Training & Nutrition Plans Designed. 

Soul Purpose Consultations

Private Psychic Readings 

Psychic & Mediumship Development 

Personal One to One Tuition

Past Life Regression & Past Life Readings

Deep Healing from Previous Lives

Spiritual Life Coaching

So there's a lot of life coaches around these days but the type of life coaching I provide will cause you to look deep into your soul and heal your fears..

Metaphysics Coaching

Learn how the laws of metaphysical science can change your life to acquire peace, happiness and unlimited abundance. 

Meditation & Breath Work

Meditation and breath work can cause miracles to occur in your everyday. Implementing these practices will change your life forever. 

Spiritual Healing 

Spiritual Healing can heal physically & emotionally

Crystal Healing

Healing Mind, Body & Soul 

Reiki Treatments & Reiki Training

Healing Treatments & Reiki Training

Workshops & Events

Dates for Your Diary

Clinical Hypnosis

Healing Fears, Phobias & Patterns

Public Speaking

Delivering a Powerful Message at Your Event

Books by Beverley Anne Freeman

Perspectives, A Journey From Self-sabotage to Self-love

An autobiography written raw with grit and northern humor which includes techniques to help you do your work to heal and grow. 

The Lady With The Sack, A Little Self-help Book 

Written & illustrated by Beverley Anne Freeman with love and humor to get you back on track.

Paradox, What Happens After Self-love? 

Coming Autumn 2020, A exploitative Journey into Self-realisation and Self-actualisation 

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Beverley Anne Freeman

Qualified in: 

Metaphysical Science PhD. 


Professional Life Coaching

Master Clinical Hypnotherapy


Nutrition Level 5

Personal Training Level 3

Counseling & Grief Counselling