The Soul Mentor

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Clinical Hypnosis

There are 2 parts to the Mind – the Conscious & the Subconscious Mind. The Conscious Mind is the busy part of our mind, which bombards us with thoughts and a constant stream of things to “do”. The Subconscious Mind is like the hard drive of a computer, where it runs all the “programmes” (habits and reoccurring patterns) in the background. Hypnosis for therapeutic use – Hypnotherapy – is different levels of relaxation that access these parts of the mind. 

Hypnotherapy can help with a wide range of issues and can be very successful. If you are ready to make changes in your life, then Hypnotherapy can help.

An imperative part of letting go of old habits is to go back to the root cause of the issue. This means that we will explore as part of your sessions with me, an Age Regression session. Some Hypnotherapist’s only deal with Suggestion Therapy, which means that suggestions are put to the Subconscious Mind. However, for long term results and not just “quick fixes” it is important to combine with Regression so that lasting changes can be facilitated and only then can you be free from unwanted habits and reoccurring patterns. 

There is NO issue that Hypnotherapy cannot help with – so if there is something that is a habit, a fear or just you would like to let go of, then Hypnotherapy is a highly successful choice to make. However, you must be 100% committed to change; I can guide you towards that but you must work with me in order to allow the changes to happen. For that reason, I only work with client’s who are committed to change

Age Regression is a journey back in time to events within this lifetime. 

Age Regression sessions are absolutely vital to ensure that reoccurring patterns and habits can be healed and let go of. Unfortunately many Hypnotherapist’s shy away from Age Regression, simply because of their own fear or because they only offer Suggestion Therapy sessions (which have limited results over time)

There are some significant points that happen in a persons childhood that can range from the point of conception to 8 or 9 years old. These points set up the patterns, beliefs and reoccurring events that keep happening to that person throughout their life. Unless dealt with, they can manifest into many different issues, therefore it is vital to go back to the initial event and heal it. 

This is not scary at all, the event has already happened and it is often more painful to live with it day to day rather than to explore the issue and heal it.

Age Regression works quickly and effectively – things can be healed within a 2 hour session as opposed to months/years in talking therapies.

Again, the client must be ready to let go and move forward in life and therefore I only work with client’s who are committed to change

Past Life Regression & Future Life Progression

The concept of Past & Future Lives cannot be examined under a microscope, but they are in fact something very real that exists as each part of who we are. It is not something that can be explained to the “mind” it comes with a deep knowing and a deep recognition of people, places and events that may have occurred at certain points in our lineage. 

Some people wonder if the past or future is something that exists – time is something developed by the human mind and brain so we can comprehend things in this physical plane, yet is it a possibility that all lives are existing at the same time?

There are many things to be gained from exploring these deep parts of the inner self – relationship issues, fears, recognition of other people and places can all be explained by these sessions. From my comprehensive background of thousands of sessions with clients and students all over the world, this is a subject very close to my heart. If you are ready, much can be healed in these very deep & personal journeys.

Life Between Lives (LBL)

Life Between Lives was “discovered” by the world of Hypnosis back in the 1960’s by Dr Michael Newton. He pioneered the exploration of this, although it had been common knowledge by gurus and some religions over thousands of years.

If we look at Past Lives, LBL is an extension of this, because as the soul leaves the body at the end of the life and just before it reincarnates into its next life, this space where the soul goes to – is referred to as Life Between Lives. This process in the world of Hypnosis goes back 50 years and because the original work goes back that far, there has been little change within that field & that has made it outdated and stagnant.  I have worked for many years within the fields of Regression and on my own spiritual journey. 

PRICES 1 Session £50.00 3 Sessions £120.00 

Weight Loss 3 sessions required 

Gastric Band 3 sessions required

Hypnosis Session - various 

Stop Smoking 3 sessions required

Age Regression 

Past Life Regression

LBL Regression