The Soul Mentor

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Past Life Regression Therapy

It has been said for 1000’s of years and in many religious and philosophical texts that the souls reincarnate many times. Maybe this is like a kind of recycling of souls or perhaps it is to learn, to create karma and to heal. There has been staggering evidence that past lives are real from hypnosis remembering to children giving evidence to near death experiences. All that resides within our consciousness can be remembered if we desire it.

We must take into account that perception will play a big part in our understanding of these concepts. As with everything spiritual we can only learn and absorb from a physical perspective because we are living in a physical reality. Therefore our understanding maybe clouded by our physicality. For example, in this physical reality we see time as linear, therefore we understand past lives to be in the past, what if though, Einstein was correct when he spoke of time all happening at once? What happens to past lives then? Then it would indicate that all our lives are happening at the same time and we are tuning into the consciousness of all lives in all times.

Whatever concepts we chose to believe we can only have either a spiritual or an intellectual understanding. It is always best to experience something for oneself than to simply read about it. Past life or other life visitations can explain many different emotions, situations and experiences in your current life. The recognition of these will trigger healing because we immediately start to heal that which we acknowledge.

For example if you struggle with a particular fear or phobia such as drowning, you can revisit a life where you had this experience which created the fear. This fear is carried with the soul consciousness part of us and we feel it in our current life experience. Re-visiting when this occurred to our soul in the first instance will allow us to acknowledge where the fear came from. This acknowledgment will immediately create a healing affect within our current energy vibration. In this way past life regression is used as therapy.

Past lives have been linked to people, places, era’s and situations which may feel familiar to you when you do not have any recollection of having been there in your current life. These feelings can be a strong indication that you have reincarnated at some point.

If we look at the reasons for the soul having continuous lives rather than just one life it would tie in with life lessons, karmic relationships and soul growth. It could be an indication that the soul grows as it develops through life times and that souls meet and continue to meet until the relationship becomes whole. Through the continuation of life in the physical we can continue to learn and grow until we ascend into an enlightened version of consciousness.

It would also indicate that through the experience of these lives we create and dissipate energy created by our own actions. Allowing us to both thrive and create our demise if so necessary for our learning. This could indeed be the reason for past lives/other lives and reincarnation of the same soul over many different life times.

We may never fully understand the reasons behind reincarnation in our physical reality because we are ‘too’ physical to fully take on board all aspects of the non-physical. However, this in itself may not be necessary for the exploration of past lives. The experience of re-visiting one of these soul experiences for ourselves maybe simply serve to explain the complexities of our current existence and energy vibration. The resonance of a specific experience may be the key to unlocking some important aspect of Self which has a desire to heal and become whole.

Past Life Regression Therapy 1 session £50.00