The Soul Mentor

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Psychic/Mediumship/Mix of Both Reading All £50.00 

All my readings are done by working with the highest spiritual consciousness, with spirit and God. I will talk about whatever the spirit world need you to know at this time to help you to move forward in the positive and productive way. This could include: 

1. Communication with loved ones who have passed away.

2. Past events which are still having an effect on your life.

3. Current situations.

4. Future predictions and possible outcomes. 

5. Past Lives and how they are affecting your life today.

6. Your soul path, life lessons and karmic challenges.

You will get the opportunity to ask questions if I haven't covered what you need to know at the end of the reading. Not all of the above may come into the reading, just the things which are required to help you move forward. 

I do not need to be sat in front of you to give you a reading and all you have to do is listen, The spirit realm does not know time or space like we do in our physical world. The spirit world knows who you are and what you need and I trust in this emphatically. 

Full Reading £175.00

Includes: Psychic, Mediumship, Life Path and Past Lives Reading - Approx 2 Hours Long 

Give full insight into who you are, where your going, loved ones in the spirit world around you and your divine purpose.