The Soul Mentor

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Spiritual Life Coaching

So what do you wish to achieve that you haven’t already? Success in relationships? Career goals and financial gain? Inner peace and clarity on your life purpose? Your starting here and together we can look at unfolding the layers of your life to heal, remove and create a new perception. Some people will know I wrote a whole book on how your perception shapes and grows your life. If you can change the many unconscious biases that have been created within during your formative years, you can start to unwind the cord which is binding you from reaching your greatest potential.   

How do I achieve great results? 

There are so many life coaches out there, people can do an online course and be set up in a matter of weeks. I have created my coaching programme over many years through tough life experiences and intense study of spirituality. Working with the mind is both necessary and effective but I believe that the soul is an integral element of who we are and how we behave. We the healing of the mind and the soul come together, magic occurs. 

Some people have illness and confidence issues that relate to body image and so I ill work 360 degrees on the mind, body and soul. When these three elements are in balance we feel good about ourselves and our lives. Feeling great is ultimately the key which unlocks inner peace. From a place of peace, anything can be created, and I mean absolutely anything. 

We will initially discuss your aims for the coaching and the issues which you feel have prevented you from achieving your goals so far. I will create a coaching plan that will delve deeply into your heart, mind and soul to identify your patterns and naturally occurring manifestation process. Then together we will heal and re-create new patterns and behaviours to achieve whatever you want. 

Ready to get going? 

10 sessions of coaching cost just £495.00, a small investment for a huge life change. 

Call/Text/WhatsApp/Viber: 07492 367895