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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

At the very core of weight gain is a habit which is born of an emotional issue. I aim to heal both, easily and successfully. I specialise in those who eat because they are stressed or bored or feel addicted to certain foods like sugars and carbohydrates. I can help with motivation to take exercise, drink less alcohol and drink more water.

Weight loss hypnosis is extremely effective and can work on multifaceted layers of the mind to change feelings and habits. It is safe and can be done over the phone whilst your relaxing on your bed or in the salon. All hypnosis sessions come with a consultation and we can also look at the hypnotic gastric band if you struggle with portion size and overindulgence.

I always recommend at least 3 sessions

Weight loss hypnosis 3 sessions £120.00

Gastric Band hypnosis 3 sessions £120.00

The Mentorship Programme

In addition, to being a master hypnotherapist, I am also qualified in personal training and nutrition. The mentorship programme offers a complete training and nutrition plan, together with 3 sessions of clinical hypnosis, accountability and motivational support.

The length of the programme and the details are put together by taking into account:

  • Life style
  • Commitments
  • Dietary Requirements
  • Exercise preferences
  • Habits & Behaviours

The Mentorship Programme costs £495.00